Hey guys! Welcome back to Raphael Whitney blog and hope you have been enjoying my tutorials? You might have been pondering over and over it that how the hell can you hack or clone your girlfriend/boyfriend  whatsapp to read his or her whatsapp messages.

Today, i will be showing you how to hack whatsapp or clone whatsapp to read your friend whatsapp messages. At the right side bar, Dont forget to, subscribe to my mailing list to get new posts in your email, subscribe to my youtube channel and like my facebook page. Now lets begin.

There are many different ways of hacking whatsapp but today i will show you a simple trick on how to hack whatsapp.

                  Watch the video below to learn more about how to hack whatsapp

You will need 2 phones to do this; your phone and your target phone. You only need your target phone for one minute. 

Step 1: On your phone, open chrome browser. on the top right menu select desktop site to display the webpage in desktop mode.

Step 2: Now in your chrome address field, type and you will a Qr code image to scan for the cloning. 

Step 3: On your target phone, open whatsapp and tap the dot menu at the top right corner. Tap whatsapp web. It willl automatically open your camera.

Step 4: Gradually move your target phone over your phone to scan the Qr code and you will be connected.

Now you can see and read all your target whatsapp messages.

Note: On your target phone, there will be a notification saying whatsapp web is active and you need to disable it so that your target wont know you are spying on them.

Disable Notification

Go to the phone settings, apps and notifications, tap whatsapp, tap notifications, and uncheck or disable other notifications. That’s it, you can now spy on your target as long as you want without them knowing. 

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  1. test user

    It’s a childish post. Any educated can easily know this thing. If notification is off then message notification will also not work. So, user can get restart notification immediately.
    Though you tried. keep it up

    1. Raphael Whitney

      I disagree with you as i have tested it before posting it… It depends on the kind of Android phone that you use.. Various phones has different options to block the notification. Meaning the settings for some phones are different…

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