Many Tech savvy beleive that using installing Windows from a DVD is getting older. This is because one need to purchase Windows DVD from physical or online store and this happens to take much time and may even cost you extra bucks. This article will show you how you can turn or convert your flash drive to bootable device. If yo want to overcome the problem of wasting extra bucks or going to the physical store or an online store to purchase windows DVD at extra costs, you need to make windows installation much easier by converting your Flash Drive to bootable device. 

There are also many tools turn your flash drive to bootable device but many of such tools has limitation, they also take much time to format and write windows files into ylash drive. As a matter of facts, some are too expensive.

I will show you how to Convert your Flash Drive to bootable device for free without the neccessity to buy the DvD or buying external DVD drive.

Why do You Need to Convert Your Flash Drive to Bootable Device?

The reasons why you should make your flash drive bootable are:

1. You have an Intel atom or Mini Laptop which does not use inbuilt DVD drive.

2. Your Computer DVD drive is not functioning well.

3. You can not stand the time DVD installation will consume as installation from Flash Drive is 5x faster.

4. you can not afford external DVD drive and many more…

Requirements To Convert your Flash Drive to Bootable Device

1. A USB 3.0 Flash Drive – 8Gb or more is recommended. You can get it below from amazon.

2. A Pc or Laptop to run the command prompt

3. Download copy of the windows you wish to install

Steps to turn your Flash Drive to Bootable Device using command prompt (cmd)

1. Insert your Flash Drive into your PC or Laptop and goto start, search for CMD, right click on it and Run as Administrator. Or press windows key + r, the serch for CMD.

2. Once you are in the command prompt window, type “diskpart” without quote and hit enter on your keyboard to enter into the disk partition management mode.

Flash drive to bootable device

3. Type “list disk” and hit enter,this will show you all the disk in your computer, in case you have disk partitions on your computer, it wont show the disk partitions but it will list all connected disk to your computer.

flash drive to bootable device

4. Once you are on the list of disk, identify your flash drive by its size, in the image above mine is 489 MB which happens to be is Disk 1,  now you need to select the flash drive by typing “select disk 1” and hit enter. If your disk is 2, use 2.

Flash drive to bootable device

5. Your Flash drive is now selected type “clean” and press enter to erase everything from flash drive. Do make sure that the flash does not contain your important files.

Flash drive to bootable device

6. You now need to make your flash drive the primary partition and to do this, you will type  “create partition primary”  and press enter.

Flash drive to bootable device

7. Once you have set it to primary partition, the next thing you need to do is to make it an active drive. To do this you will type “active” and press enter on your keyboard.

8. Now you need to format your flash drive in quick mode. Type “format fs=fat32 quick”  and press enter.

9.  Once your flash drive has been successfully formatted, there is probability that you will see it in My Computer. So in order not to face this problem of seeing or not seeing it, the last thing to complete this turning your flash drive to bootable device is to assign a literal to it. Now type “assign”  and press enter.

Now everything is set. You just made your flash drive bootable. Type “exit” > enter. This will close the command prompt.

How do You Install Windows Using this Bootable Flash Drive?

1. If you have the windows .iso file in your computer, Copy windows files from the computer to flash drive. First extract it on your computer using the win rar.

2. Now that you have extract the windows files, copy all the files and paste them to the Flash drive.

After pasting windows files to your flash drive, you’re set to install the windows on any computer using this particular flash drive, Eject and insert the flash disk back to your computer. It will obtain windows setup icon that confirms that it is a bootable device.

  • If you want to install windows using bootable flash drive,  insert it into your computer and press the boot key.
  • From the list of bootable devices choose your flash drive & continue to windows installation.
  • If you do not have a flash drive you can get a faster USB 3.0 Flash Drive from Amazon.
  • After converting your flash drive to bootable device, you can still add some of your files to the flash without affecting your windows installation.

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