Most Laptop Users find it annoying when their laptop says “Plugged in not charging”. Despite that they have tried to replug again and again. You do not need to worry as this article will show you how to fix laptop charging problem, plugged in not charging problem and tip to increase battery backup for laptop. If you are pretty sure that your power supply is fine, all the hardware of your laptop are also functioning correctly, and the battery is also in good condition still your laptop is unable to charge.

What are the Steps to Fix Laptop Charging Problem?

Step 1. Shutdown your windows.
Step 2. Unlink AC adapter from your laptop.
Step 3. Pull out the Laptop battery and put that aside.
Step 4. You can now connect the AC adapter back to your Laptop.
Step 5. Boot the Windows.
Step 6. Now Goto My Pc, Right click and select properties, Choose Device manager and this will show you list of installed drivers.
Step 7. Uninstall all Microsoft ACPI Compliant/ AC adapter driver under battery from the device manager.


Fix Laptop Charging Problem

Step 8. After this, shutdown your laptop & disconnect the AC adapter.
Step 9. Now Pull in the laptop battery & connect the AC adapter again.
Step 10. Turn boot windows and all the battery drivers you uninstall will be automatically installed back.
Step 11. Permit your laptop to absolutely discharge the battery for at least 4 times and let the battery to cool down to normal room temperature.

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