I recently wrote an educative article that teaches how to remove shortcut virus by using the command window (cmd). But those people who find it difficult to execute commands over cmd. Sometimes the cmd process wont remove shortcut virus from your computer or flash.

For people who are new to shortcut virus. Shortcut virus is another familiar virus which infects the flash drive or Pendrive mostly and turn all your files into shortcut icons which deny you access to your files. It does spread from one flash drive to another through computer while transferring the data.

In this article, i have listed out some tools which you can use with GUI to automate the shortcut virus removal process.

Tools To Remove Shortcut Virus With Simplicity

1. USBFIX Free

This tool does not only remove virus from Flash drive but aswell offers protection from any later infection to your Flash Drive.
This tool also erase all the traces of malwares and assist to reconstruct damaged functions on your flash drive, like access to the registry, task manager or displaying hidden files and folders.
When you download USBFix Free and install it on your Personal Computer, the program will install in the background. It will save an icon on your desktop. Run the program.
On the user interface look for “Run an Analysis” and click it,
shortcut virus
It will show you another window, now click on “Scan USB Disks” and the application will automatically detect and scan your USB Flash drive against any variety of malware.
Once the scan is completed, click clean all to remove the virus.It will remove the virus and other malware.


Note: Make sure you create a full backup of your data before you scan and delete virus from your flsh, should incase you loose your file from the flash drive, you can easily go to the backup folder in C drive in USBFix > USBFixQuarantine folders.

2. USB Shortcut Virus Remover

This is a batch file with just smaller size of 3.6kb. It really does good job when it comes to removing shortcut virus from flash drive. This tool is available on Softonic and trust me its absolutley safe.

Download USB Shortcut Virus remover here. After download, double click to open. Click yes if you see UAC Warning, and it will open just like cmd.

All you need do is to type in your flashdrive letter. And click => or hit Enter

Take note that it may not work on every version of windows since it is not an antivirus. 

3.Shortcut Virus Remover

This tool is available on Cnet. It is a portable virus remover application with just 331KB size. It pretty does good work. It will remove the .vbs shortcut virus, .ink shortcuts, and .inf infected files from an infected flash drive.

You can Download Shortcut Virus Remover from Cnet and Install it.

It will download in rar file which you will need winrar to extract. After installation, open it from the desktop and enter the USB drive letter and hit Clean Virus.

It will rescue your flash drive from virus.

4 Softpedia USB Virus Remover

This is another tool that promises to protect your flash drive.
Download it here from Softpedia. It has more than 82k downloads and it support variety of windows.

Note: This software is only for scanning flashdrive. Do not try and use it to scan other drives as it may cause problem with them.

Extract and install it, open it after installation and click USB Virus Auto-Remover.

I am pretty sure that one of these out-listed tools will solve your problem. If you successfully remove viruses and malware from your flash drive using one of the above tools, please drop a comment and share this post.

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