Are you using Android Phone and you would like to use emojis that looks like the ones on Iphone? The best thing to do is to find an iphone emojis for android app. On PlayStore there are pretty cool Iphone style emojis available for Android users that can be easily set up without the need to root your Android devices. You need not to go elsewhere as you have come to the right place if you want to know how to get iphone emojis for android.

If you would still like to use the exact Iphone fonts, it is possible but all you need to is to root your Android device. But this article will focus on the Iphone style emojis.

How do I Get or Install Iphone Emojis For Android?

For you to be able to use Apple emojis keyboard on Android phones, you will need to download an App that will install an Iphone emoji keyboard on your Android. Below, i have provide 3 options to that:
1. If you feel comfortable installing apps on an Android, Choose an emoji app.
2. If you would like to try an app and see how it works, then you can Try a popular emoji app.
3. There are various keyboards out there such as FancyKey, which allows you to make download and use a new keyboard apps with different emoji sets on your android phone.

Option 1 – Choosing an Emoji App

a. On you android phone, visit Google Play store and search for this keywords without quotes “apple emoji keyboard or apple emoji font”

b. The result will show you different iphone emojis for android phones and fonts apps. check the emoji app one after the other to know the one that suit your needs. when checking these apps, make sure you check the description, number of downloads, positive reviews, bad reviews and features.

c. When you are satisfied with your pick, download and install it.

d. Now go to settings on your android phone, system – languages & input – manage keyboards. Here, you can then choose the emoji keyboard. This settings you just made is to use the keyboard. If this settings does not work for you, open the iphone emojis for android phone that you just installed the follow the instructions from the app.

e. Now to use the font app, go to settings – display – font style. you will see a list of available fonts, choose the font with the emojis. In some iphone emojis for android app, you will see where to change the phone font from the user interface or when you try to type using the keyboard, you will see option to change the fonts.


Option 2 – Trying a Popular Emoji App


There is a popular iphone emojis on android app for fonts called Flipfont 10. This app modifies the phone font and add in Apple style emojis. Be aware that this select devices, meaning that not all devices are able to change the fonts. If you are able to modify the font, this second method is a convenient method way to get the iphone emojis for android.

a. To get this app visit the Google Play store and search for the Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 10 app or click here. You can also download the Flipfont 10 iphone emojis for android apk here.

iphone emojis for android

b. When you are done with the download and installation, go to Settings > Display. or you open the emoji fonts for flipfont 10 application, test the fonts you want to use and then choose Apply to open Settings.


c. The next thing to do now is to select Font style. Select a font, and then make it the default font.


d. Select Emoji Font 10. You are now set! Now you can use Apple style emojis on your android phone.

Option 3 – Using a New Keyboard App

There is a new guy in town called FancyKey, it let you modify emojis. It is a popular keyboard that include customization options and kins.

a. Goto the Google Play Store then search for FancyKey 

b. Install it on your Android Phone.

c. On your device, goto Settings > System > Language & Input > Virtual Keyboard > Manage Keyboards.

d. Turn the FancyKey toggle switch on and then turn the other keyboard swith off to make the FancyKey the default keyboard.

e. Now go to the home screen and open the FancyKey app. In the Settings, choose Preferences, you will see the Display section then tap Emoji Styles.

f. In the list of emojis, choose anyone you like. If you select the twitter emojis, they look like the Apple ones. Pres Ok to save your settings.

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