It can be so frustrating when you try to access your files from the flash and discover that all your files has been changed to shortcut. Majority who do not know that they can retrive the files back would go ahead and format their flash, loosing the precious files without backup not knowing that the virus will still be there. Many uses anti-virus but i failed.
There is nothing to worry about as i will guide today on how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive permanently.

Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive / USB

Guys, here are the steps on how to remove shortcut virus.

Step 1: Go to start or press the windows key on your keyboard and search for cmd, as it appears in start menu Right click on it and click “Run as Administrator”

Step 2: Insert your flash drive and go to My computer to check the letter type of your flash [Let’s say it is I].

Step 3: In the command window, type del *.lnk and hit enter on your keyboard.

Step 4: Type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l and hit enter on your keyboard. Wait for few seconds and the command window will show you the letter of your flash drive asin [I:\>]. once you see this go and and open your Flash drive and you will get all of your files back.

Remove Shortcut Virus

Step 5: Then click on the Removable device icon at the bottom right corner on your desktop to safely remove your flash.

Note: Any mistake in the above command may cause data loss so be careful while executing del *.lnk command
you can watch the video here to see how to do it correctly

Remove Shortcut Virus from Computer

After removing the flash and again you inserted it to the infected computer, your flash drive will be infected again, so it is better to remove the source of this virus. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + del.
Step 2: Look for Process tab, at the bottom click all process and search for Wscript.exe. If you find it, right click on it and click on End Task.
Step 3: Press the windows key on your keyboard again and search for regedit, open it you will get Registry Editor navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion,Run. Then look for Registry keys WXCKYz, ZGFYszaas, OUzzckky, odwcamszas.


If you find any of them or all then right-click on it and delete this registry key. If you dont find exact registry key then look for similar registry keys and search them on google to know what they do. These steps will remove Shortcut Virus from your Computer, If not then try these steps.

Step 1: Press Windows + R key, you will get Run box, type %temp% here and hit OK, now temp folder will be open . Look for file nkvasyoxww.vbs, WXCKYz.vbs, ZGFYszaas.vbs, OUzzckky.vbs and delete it.

Step 2: Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Programs\Startup. Check Startup folder if nkvasyoxww.vbs and other similar .vbs files exist here then delete them.


Step 3: Press windows + R key, type msconfig into the run dialog box and hit OK, it will open System Configuration, Go to Startup tab, and look for nkvasyoxww.vbs and other similar .vbs files uncheck them from startup and hit OK.


There may be a different name for the VBS file, just make sure you dont have file with an unusual name and VBS extention at the startup, registry, and temp folder.

Watch Video Tutorial to Remove Shortcut Virus

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